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Public Speaking By the Students and For the Students!

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Relevance of FA (Financial Accounting) and Tally

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How big a role soft skill can play! -Sambit Roychowdhury (Student, BBA and Communicative English)

"The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place"-George Bernard Shaw.

A manager might have a good reputation for his hard skills but it amounts to nothing if his communication skills are low. One might consider that communication skills are not as important as hard skills and they are not considered a skill that you must learn. But according to Glassdoor, research showed that almost 250 candidates are called by firms for interview and only 4 to 5 of them are selected. This is because most of them lack good communication skills.

Communication is a process by which one can connect with one another by using various kinds of media mostly writing and speaking. Soft skills are the most important communication skills which  provide a competitive edge over others when one is working in a firm. Without good soft skills , a manager or a work executive is nothing but a cake without icing. If you can't communicate with your fellow teammates then the work which you are putting in is deprived of both quality and quantity because in this competitive timeline, work isn't just limited to doing what your boss desires but also solving problems with the help of others in your team, handling conflicts and maintaining a work friendly environment at the workplace with the help of effective communication skills.

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