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Public Speaking By Sudeshna Roy (Post Graduate in Journalism and Mass Communication, Cal Univ.)

Public speaking is an art. Being in the spotlight, leaving an impact, making a difference. A good speaker would ensure all with an enthralling speech.

The art of storytelling …….. We all love to envision! Let us imagine you are the CEO of a well-known company. A well decorated hall, an excited audience, the vibes seem perfect. At this time you have to give a mesmerizing speech. Suddenly you have noticed that the audience looks a bit drowsy! And it is the most terrible feeling for a speaker. Do not worry!I’m here to tell you the secret of a successful public speaking.

Let us understand first what exactly public speaking is? It means you have to address a group of l people. Hence, communication should be simple and clear. It should also be interesting enough to keep your audience captivated and engaged. Like a film maker you have to tell your story with a bunch of twists. Do not forget to add some real-life examples and experience to make things appealing.

Ice breaker: You should begin by breaking the silence. It can be through some audience engaging activity or some dialogue. Next comes body language. Eye contact is a major element in any public speaking platform. We need to overcome all barriers and look at the audience straight and confident. A proper eye contact is always a positive gesture.

Voice Modulation: Good public speaking would always require proper modulation of voice. The tonal quality, the pitch control, the delivery of words and expression, the intonation would all contribute in good public speaking. Being a speaker one needs to work on voice modulation. One should learn where to give the correct pause. That would make your expression clear and give the audience an opportunity to think.

This is how one can ensure effective communication.

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